Hater week . .

I guess i have to keep up my hater approach ths week . . Its been water n waitin! Thats been the to main hater obstacles 4 this week. I already hated on da water (n its still hangin around) bt with risk of soundin like a spoilt swede! Damn i hate Botswana time . . . Tday is the third day people keep me waitin n nt like fashionable 10-15min, HOURS !! Im waitin 4 a friend nw, he told me the earlier we leave 4 Mafikeng the better, in sum way i agreed on 9! N gaby pls dnt b late . . Naa its cool, ill b up . . N ive been up! N no sign of him . . Ah! Ystrdy my hairdresser kept me waitin 4 a good hour outside the place . . What the fonk! Hatin ova n out!


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