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Somethin 4 uuurboodyy

Eish cant get that Redman song outta my head, somethin 4 urrbboodddy..

Well, whats good my friends?  Botswana is hot n kickin rite now, a little bit 2 hot actually, tryin 2 wait a while 2 go home from work cuz i really dont feel like hitin the sun.. Been drivin around Gabs with the boys, as much I can do in the heat rite now.. haha, i know u guys r sittin back home now like, oh shes just flossin or sayin that im ungreatful or somethin, nothin bout that... Simply to hot outside, easy as that..

Well Gabs rite now is pretty much just about the intervarsity and work.

The University of Lesotho, U of Swaziland and U of Botswana are gatherd rite now in Gabs for the annual intervarsity games, we pretty much compete in all sports that are avialabe on campus against the other countries, let me tell u this is a heeccttiicc place rite now.

Students erryywhheerre.. So the students can sell whatever and have stalls at the fields. I have friends sellin beer, hot dogs , food, t-shirts what what.. Lebo and Boni are sellin coctails and shooters and smoothies, so im gonna help the girls out ova there, first day yesterday and let me tell u it was HECTIC.. Evrybdy that bought a shot bought me one.. N my mama taught me not to be rude soo u knowww.. haha nah, i was givin away my free shots, but ioooo we were makin money, 10 pula ( 9kr) a shot . . Nt to cheap but people were buyin like nobodys buisness.. It was a hectic but fun place allllll the students u havent seen in a while was there, actually everybody urrbooddyyy u havent seen in a while was there, happy times . .

I was mixin and drinxin the coctails, Jack Daniels was hammered in just a few..

Well well , think i can get some shade now, gotta go 2 my husband, pick him up and go home and chill..

Todays list:

Todays work:  Micro-financing and Passion killings

The happy surprise: Khwezi at my office

The Question: Immigration?

The Conclusion: Kamoso, Mañana, Tommorow, Imorgon

The Dilemma: GranPa n B-notes movin

The Sun: Killin my skin

The Line: Wait! Turn around, come here! I think I like you, let me confirm?

The Mac of the day: Same Guy!

The Line 2: Ehm I dont care if you have a boyfriend, were african well share!

The Line 3: R u white? Ok cool, give me your number?

The Airtime: Flushed down and eaten by my phone

The Art : Sick Ink on the flip chart at my office

The QUESTION: To be or not to be? Makes a lloott of sense these days

The Music: Zeus - do i like it???
The food: Pick n Pay lunch ... eish!
The drink: 4 liters of water. .
The Outfit: Yellow n Black bumblebee style!

Im out !


almost forgot, gots 2 make a list after all this time ...

The Weather: Sun n sunshine
The Love: Fikman
The Place: Equitorial Café
The Vibe: Irieeeee :)
The Sayin: Its monniiisiiii...
The Friend: Kwezi
The Music: B-nots stuff ( - the house tune)
The Best: Moms letter from Sweden
The Better: Nathalys Pictures from Sweden
The Return: Not Yet anyways
The Return 2: The Blog
The Style: New Chuck Taylors
The Drink: KWV with Apeltizer
The Collabs: Stagga n Gabs
The Track: Femme Mortal
The Distance: Tooooo far
The Headache: My account
The Longing 4 : Philipp Kalkhe :)
The Longing 4 2: Nathaly Espi
The Longing 4 3: All Castillos
The gretting: Madeas Helluuurr...
The List : ENDS HERE!

Me voy Lejos..

Check this chick out :

AMPARANOIA .. the track Me voy Lejos , goooddd stuff :)

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Muchachito Bombo Infierno


Los de Abajo


Sergent Garcia

Spanish  music 4 U n yr eardrums :)

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My bwoi Scar, representin Swedish Kingzise !

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15 mins. . .


My cuz Cristian n his friend Aida came 2 visit, result of a night out . . eish

Back on track.. kind of.. from a distance!

Well im back but not rily, nt leavin Bots yet, ke rata Botswana 2 much rite now.. eish this place..

Sun and Love rite now..

N workkkk dude, eish I got a new job, finally afta sum hustle but now im savin the world again.. I got a new job at this Youth Organisation called Youth Dialogue Era, workin with HIV / AIDS issues n pretty much erryytthhiinn that concerns the youth, promoting a healty and positive lifestyle.. anti-violence, reproductive health issues what what.. Got a great deal.. Life is good rite now .. EISH! Got a nyc office, gud salary, no specific workin hours, workin with chill people n foremost i decide whut i do, projects, meeting, representation what what .. LIFE IS GOOD :)

N then we hv the studio, my boy n his brother owns a recordlabel, pretty hectic, a lot of long days n endless hours at the studio but its cool, im happy 4 them, its goin well n we hv sum albums out sooo u know..

Botswana otherwise is chill rite now, midmonth not a lot of good clubs n shows but enjoyin the SUN, sittin outside at this café rite now, sweettnnn but lovin the sun, sendin sum back 2 my people back home haha.. eish but I heard u guys are geetin nyc spring sun? Lovely . .

Eish well will b updatin this blogg once in a while whn I hv sumn intrestin to chit chat bout . .

One Love!