Feliz Año Nuevo, Gott Nytt år . .

Happy New Year! May yr 09 be as wild wicked as u want it to b !!

Me im startin my year with loved ones in Sweden n headin 4 Africa :)


album of the year ?!

Album of the Year ?? According to several big hip hop mags n bloggers
this is the top album of the year . . Mr Carter sold 1,005,545 albums on
just the first week of the release. Big up for dat, bt im still nt convinced . .
album of the year, of all the goodie goodie stuff release 2008??!!

My top 5 of 2008:

1. Raphael Sadiq - The Way I see it
2. The Roots - Rising Down
3. Lil Wayne - The Carter 3
4.Chords - Things we do for things
5. Q-tip - The Renaissance

Didnt make it bt still hot: The Game, Lazee, Adam Tensta, Afasi & Filthy, Bun B, Nas,

I look forward to hear, (sum releasd sum in the making).

Black Thought - Masterpiece Theater
J-Live - Then What Happened
Mos Def - The Ecstatic
Redman - Muddy Waters 2
Royce Da 5'9'' - Street Hop
Talib Kweli - Prisoner Of Conscious

Thats that . . .

over the top ?!

My stars . . .

Nices Christmas card u can get! Nathaly n Zion Castillo  . . .

tooo long:

Havnt written anythn in a while,, havnt been on a bloggin mood.. well nt much is up n changed!

or some stuff have changed haha.. im still on ma grindin hustlin mood! Have to hustle my way back to Bots,
n its goin pretty well... my hustle is not to gangster anyways, workin at a Spa-kinda place.. More princess like
than gangster haha..well makin money anyway ..

Work with the sweetest gals ever, get facials n massage at work .. couldnt b better.. it could b in Bots bt what the hell.. gettin used to b home now..

Actually, im at ma dads house rite nw, in the little village Perstorp where i grew up n i yrealizd today hw nice it is.. or a couple of days ago talkn to ma boy Kim from here.. We were jst talkn n remembrn the old days.. Home is always gonne b the hood :) Its gonna b nice to see old friends n ma family nw over christmas... love it!

Well.. A lot of Malmö too over the holidays, ma girls r goin home to their parts of Sweden n abroad bt hopefully well all reunite 4 a New Years Bash . . Best of all my Twin Carla is commin home frm Chile ...

well im jst writin jst to write...  :)

Stay tune . .

Grioa! Descansa en paz!

Försöker komma på vad jag ska skriva...

Försöker hitta en av hans texter som gör Andrés rättvisa..
Kommer inte på nåt... Du är saknad! Descansa en Paz amigo..

Sprid - Ladda Ner - Dela - Älska - Sakna . . .

Ladda ner hans album:
Grioa's myspace : http://www.myspace.com/gronsaksmannen
Läs Grioa's texter på : http://grioa-texter.blogspot.com/
och på : http://grioa.blogspot.com


Andrés hade många vänner och vi är många som sörjer och saknar honom.

Nu på söndag den 14:e December kl 20.00 
på Cafe Glassfabriken (Kristianstadsgatan 16) i Malmö.



Love this poster .. Can b orderd at allposter.com !

o jag lär ju aldrig dricka igen...

eller hur . . .

Well, its 00.26 on a Saturday n i cant sleep, ive slept my day away, playd with the kids a bit.. relaxd, chilled in front of the tv.. but damn.. yesterdays fun wont let go.. got a splittin headache..ishhhh.

but ystrdy was a lotttaa fun.. Me n the Gang went to Kärleksklubben at Babel.. gud times! met up with some good old friends, had a couple of drinx with new friends.. Gud times!

Yet another weekend with drinx, partyin n livin back ma teenage days haha.. what happend to our chilled weekend sessions?! ah like ma boy Dee says, u only live once akkere, live it to the fullest.. so we have been wildin out now since i came back n will hopefully n propably do it until i leave again.. well gotta keep busy n runnin...

3-4 weeks left to departure gotta make the best out of it.. Sweden isnt to bad afta all haha . .

gotta try to sleep.. big day tmrw... the day before work n the big play date with Nathaly...


Track of the day: Kvart i Söndag - Illstar

TNITE! Cheaa...

tuesday reflections..

Well.. Half time.. been away from Botswana for 4 weeks tmrw.. 4 whole weeks without my evirbadys! n 4-5 weeks to go..

The first weeks i thought i ws gonna yee practically give up.. eish rain, no job n cash, ma friends all the way in Malmö, nuthn to do.. well it got allott better.. damn! I finally bought a Skånekort to get around, been in Malmö every weekend livin back my teenage years haha.. havin a blast! Visitin ma little pequeñines in Perstorp.. N best of all . . got a job!

Im startin on Monday at a ehm Spa/ Retreat kinda place.. massage,facials, hot stone treatments, all the nice things haha.. im gonna b doin a little bit of everythin.. lookkinn forward to it!

Well, things r lookin brighter.. im thankful to all my people ! bein ehm deported is not an nice experiance n bein forced to come home on a short notice bt its goin aight now!

Got to push the label.. XLT fam ... do some music stuff ova here so I have sum stuff to do while im here.. make the time fly!

Well what else.. Xmas is cumin up, nt lookin forward to the Swedish shoppin madness . . bt im lookn forward to the cold cold nights cuddled up with family n  friends! Celebrated last Xmas in Bots in 40degrees without the Castillos .. no presents n glögg n rödbetssallad n evrythn .. not the same !

ah im just writin to write now.. gotta go to bed! Big Day tmrw!

CAPLETON ! ( mejeriet , Lund)


its goin down.. or sumthn!

Tuesday Soul

Here it comes! TUESDAY SOUL LIST:

Anthony Hamilton - Better Days
Raphael Saadiq - Doin What i Can
Floetry - Imagination
Ledisi - Today
Dwele - Find a Way
Maxwell - Fortunate
Jill Scott - Gettin in the Way
Eric Roberson - If I had a Chance
Lyfe Jennings - It´s Real
John Legend - P.D.A
Robin Thicke - I need love
Erykah Badu - Booty
Anthony Davis - Spittin Game