Cute cuter NATHY!


My  niece Nathaly aka lillix bebe prinsessa de tia love of my life :)

Showin of her skillz :)

Best of the best !


the best shoppin results of the weeknd!

Check ASA out boys n girls, a nigerian queen .. check

Good vibes :)

Cheaa Jossy baby!

Sooo.. Me n my man and his boys went 2 Jossy over the weekend, that place is hectic.. in a good way..

We left on friday mornin, after a chill b-day party on thursday at the golf estate, Thebes cousin or sumn, eish we made an apperance n a half, the only ones with sneakers, haha cocktaildress n high heels hmm, nt really my way bt i rockd anyways :) Little black dress turnd into a white dress with matchin adidas sneaks :)

well well, the ride 2 jossy wnt smooth, or wait no nt really, got caught at the border, the didnt want to let me out of Bots cuz if i went to South i woudnt be able 2 cum back, since my days r almost ova, well Fiki made up some story that we were going to get married n needed to ask his grandmoms in Soweto for approval what what.. so the lady buys the story n lets us pass to south africa.. Happy times!

We rentd this biggest MTV Crib in Melville, ( se facebook for pics), quick rest n bath thn out for dinner and clubbin..

Saturday we spended the mornin around melville, chilin at cafés n checkin this cute little store, the area is very bohemic, reminded me bout Long Street in Cape Town or our own Möllan back in Malmö.. Found a Graff-shop with the wildest T-shirts n sneaks.. Bought myself a Stone Throw T-shirt n a thirt one of the guys had made..

well later on, we rocked the Easter Rand show, that is like a gigantic Malmö Festival, music, fairs, food, n good vibes.. u know the style.. good times !

Went home, take-away Nandos n passd out from all the wakin at the rand show n the nice Amstels so we slept the nite thru..

Sunday, shoppin day ... We went to the most wicked club in Jossy on sunday, or actually a pub that turned into a club.. Berlin Bar , eish the music at this spot was hot ...

Monday more shoppin n head home to Gabs again, all work no fun in play in gabs at the moment..

Well peeps, jossy was a little 2 much fun, got a flu on top of it n a lot of dirty laundry haha..

well, have to get a rest, this stupid cold is harrasin my head..

until next tym!


Book of the day:

Gots 2 promote this book people:

The Confession of an Economic hit man -  John Perkins

Read it People!

Yes I do do do do do. .


So i got home on saturday n check what my husband had bought me!

Eish thrs nuthn that says Ke a go rata  like a pair of fresh adidas :)
( with a matchin top ) eishhh!

Love ohhhh love :)



Cheaa big up Kingsize, Botswana is gettn there!

My pic turnd out good, ohhh lovely :)

check check..

The Roots f. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Get Busy

Bring them here!


Oh good days. .

Scanian Mofooss..


So i had 2 report myself 2 the cops ystrdy, i have overstayd like 6 days in Bots, no biggie, they gave me a fine of 20 bucks n then i was of the hook, well almost, unti the big boss came n gave me this lecture bout respecting Botswana law n what what, well i got it n I payd my ehm fine of 20 bucks.. Well the thing i wantd 2 get to was that when the cop was writin my rapport n stuff he askd me what tribe i belongd to.. ehm tribe? well i know im chilean n everythn but tribe?! Wht the funk.. ehm , cudnt really answer, tryd to explain that we dont have the tribe system, but he kept on insitin bout my tribe, wellll so I had to say i belongd to the Scanian tribe, ( Skånsk o stolt ) . . eish n then that officer kept pushin, wanted 2 know eryythn bout my Scanian tribe, do we look differnt, do we speak differnt?

Haha kind off. .  Eish i shud be workn... Laters


If u luuuu me...


Want Miss Badus new album.. N cnt get it round here..

N mmyyy b-day isssss cumin up nnnn uu knnoww..

So good friends of Sweden, send me this album..

da list n stuff . .

Well gots 2 sum up this week in a list :
Hi- tech of the week: Land Line and Internet at my spot

Work of the week: Arrangin a hiphop charity show

Surprise of the week: Meeting with Botswanas President

Style of the week: Our new Kalakuta records t-shirts

Style 2 of the week: Rockin the T-shirt with my chucks

Style 3 of the week: My newly plaited hair ? gots to love it

Pain of the week: Les Matforgiftning aka KFC chicken ? neva again!

The Oops of the week: Human Virus is still alive and kickin, my big brother call me a human virus cuz i break all electronic things im around. (Did i tell u I work in an office ? park = exactly)

The Fundering of the week: How do you adress the President and what to wear what to wear ?

The picture of the week: My new framed picture of Nathaly in my office.

The beat of the week: Murder Murdoch ? Promoe

The beat 2 of the week: Step ? Oracle

The friend of the week : My ex roomie Philipp ? straight outta Germany

The Question of the week ? To go to Maftown or to stay in

Question 2 of the week - Why am I a thinker, i shud chill my mind sometimes

The fun of the week ? Planin hip hop documentary with Kwezi 

The Quote of the week ? ?Give me one of urrboddyyy? - Ora

The love of the week- Kalakuta Love 

The love 2 of the week: Thanks and lots of love to Hanna, for 2 years of hard work and tears, paketet for evaaa... Big ups !

The hard working husband of the week: Fikman aka my husband

The hustle of the week: The big Combi Hustle ? in a book store near YOU!

The list ? is startin 2 get boring so i better stop . .


Heita Ola!

Eish hectic days, doin alotttt at work, runnin around, callin, meetings, u know.. But its fun stuff, bein my own boss over time . .

Rite nw planin a Conference bout Passion Killings / Crimes of Passion which is a big issue in Bots, and a Hip Hop Show or more like a jam with artist from all ova . . Happy times :)

Well the intervarsity games ended, with a big blast . . eish, erybdy made money and had fun . . My friends hosted a show on thursday, Apollo, Oracle, Magosi, Scar, Kboss, Stagga n all those guys ..

What else, gotta start thinkin bout the return soon huh, my returnticket is in 2 weeks, nt really gettin on dat plane am I haha, thinkin end of summer, just for vaccation .. ohh now u know people, im stayin a while, but promise im goin home for vaccation durin the Swedish Summer.. Yeayy! Was checkn sum pics yesterday from last year, DAMN i love swedish summer, nt that i dnt like Bots sun and all but there nothin like happy summerish Swedish people and the parks and the braais at home .. Lovin it !

Well guess ill be cumin home when people r startin 2 cum back, seems like erybdy is out of the country right now, and Sara is headin out on a well deserved vaccation in Thailand ! Yeay! Even more happy times :) wish she was cumin here thoouu...

What else, oh yea, me n my bwoi Kwezi are planin a hiphop documentary about Botswana,  hiphop aint dead it lives in Bots right now  :) More about that later . .

OHOH u know what, Scar is in the judge panel for African Idol, cool huh, travlin all around africa hatin on people.. I could do that to haha, they want him 2 be the bad guy haha, him ? haha noo.. well wish him the best of luck n erythhnn..

Well gotta go, have to knock off n go do my nails haha..

Later people!