how cool is dis 1 . .

leavin cumin goin . .

Kor denna pa svenska, well nu e de dags o ta sig hemat igen, men bara for nagra veckor .. still valdigt vardefulla veckor..
Fan va ja langtar, seriost, har inte haft san hemlangtan pa lannggeee.. Kan bero pa att Botswana ar kallt som sadan men soligt dock o Sverige o Perstorp ar fint o gront o jefligt gott bara.  . . Eller Perstorp o Perstorp, min moms har blivit overtygad av hennes gubbe o flytta till ehm hall i er nu .. HASTVEDA, sugit men va ska man gora.. home is where my moms at som man brukar saga.. vill bara hem nu o pussa pa min brors barn, pa mina broder, chilla med mina tjejer i parken o rocka hela Mollan o Mollevangsfestivalen :) kanske till o med en trip up till Sthlm o halsa pa 08 folket men mest av allt vill jag bara  chilla i min mammas tradgard o kaka jordgubbar :) oh oh oh vad nice de ska bli o komma hem.. All respect till Botswana har de super nice har inga klagomal, har de riktigt bra men maste him till Skane...

Kommer hem den 14 Juli . . . med samma plan som Sara o Miriam, tjejerna ska komma ner o roja i tva veckor nasta vecka sa aker vi hem pa samma plan.. lide gott, slipper hacka ensam i Amsterdam :)

ok ok ok now u know good people..

Love n Light

next step then..

well then, Sweden is out  . . big up for the effort they made during the cup, didnt reach but what the fonk, better luck next tym i guess.. Zuper Zlatan is always Zlatan :)

Next goal now.. Gettin Portugal all the way . .

Gud Luck tnite !

bacckkk in 94 !

This is around the time I feel in love with hip hop . . i got this one yestrdy from some boys of mine.. CLASSIC!

Forza forza forza !

My new love !

Yes yes yes yes u can call me Auntie Gab double up .. .

My brother and his Valeska had a beautifullllll baby BOY..  im the proudest auntie of the babys big sister Nathaly already, joy double up . .

Let me introduce to you! The heavyweight champion with his 3.9 kg . .

ZION CASTILLO  9/6 - 2008   


Joyful day, he was born on a sunny sunny day !

Rebellious tsotsi baby ZION.. welcome to the world !

Tia Gaba te ama y te manda muchos besitos!

Chillin on the block side of Gabs..

Ok ok, this weeknd must have been one of the most hectic in a good while, eish started on Thursday,  had a photo shoot for Lapologa Mag, went to Khwest after work with Kitso, to chill hit one one, well friends showed up n the good music n vibes started.. well one one became like five five and a couple more, we rookd the floor free drinks n the good energy.. anyways, we decided to continue the night at Lizzard Lounge, well I got there realized I was broke, left the gals there,  went for the Shebeen instead, a new club where some of my people ( from our label) where performin, well sat down, the traditional whistles came on and the room started spinnin.. time to go home !

Well babalast Friday, half slept my day through work, didn't do to much revolutionizing work that day.. well later on I went home , with one item in my mind, my bed, get home, the label people suggesting we go to Gabane, a village outside Gabs to promote our new artist, I think, yessuurr people out house to myself boyfriend thinks yessuur finally my girl comes with, quality time.. noossuurrr... well, his puppy eyes got me n I found myself sittin in a combi with 20 traditional dancers, ( if u only new my love for ehm traditional music this would surprise u haha) .. Well Vee is launchin his new album, we crash the place n put our guys on stage.. roudy n raggy place bt that the fonk im with family rite haha.. home n sleep around 6..

Saturday, Slept slept slept all day, people out on promotion tour n boyfriend at work.. was thinkin for a split second to join by boy for work, u know solidarity work amongst the cds but naaa the bed was to cozy .. well I slept until 1, watchd a movie, had a friend ova , chill chill chill.. around 7 I decided to take control ova my life again and hit town, well Khwest again.. Girls nite out apparently, well didn't really work, hooked up with Caliano, Dziki, Space n some other folks at Khwest, hit a couple n left for my house in Pax to hit Fashion Lounge afta, well Fashion wasn't happnin n we left for Gabs again..

We hit Lizzard Lounge n this is whr out nite starts , eish mathatas n a half . . O didn't get in cuz he was wearin shorts, my girls lets call her Mase wasn't feelin Lizzard n decided to go to her cabin I went in, bought a Savanna, had a couple of zips n wnt out again, sumn told me to do that, well I found Oracle outside kinda pissd, find my girl Mase cryin and bruised after a heavy fight with the babydaddy on the parkin lot, eish lets just say, we had to call the cops, haunt her babydaddy down, go to her house,  go around all the blocks waikn relatives up, me n the babydaddy beefin thru a gate.. mama wudnt be proud of the words that came out of my mouth .. but eish wifebeaters ... sumn snapd in Ora n Space My head.. I feared the worst after sein them in the house.. well to make a long story n cold n long night  short - it ended ok, cops didn't do nuthn, they feared a electric fence n the fact that they cudnt jump ova..  Space n the guys droped me of at the house n I passd out..

Sunday, I love Sundays, the days me n my husband only leave the house to buy food at the shops, n dat is only if were nt feelin like nandos delivery food, well after 3 hectic days was feelin lyk not even leavin bed, me my boy n our lovely Fong Kong movies, gots to love the 28 in 1 with Chinese subtitles.. Well woke up n my boy feels like goin shoppin, whhuuu.. fonk, I get hyped n agree.. we hit game city, don't really find anythn, nice lunch at Mug n Bean thou.. later on, we split up, he to see his boys in Gwest n me to see my girls in Block 9.. chilled at Lesegos place and went to the new bar to get some drinks, eish not even Sunday was drinkless this week.. im getting to old man, no joke.. my body told me properly by givin me a proper flue today.. oh happy day.. well Oracle n his boys joined us, we went to Red Dot, hookd up with the my man n his bwoi.. I ditchd my people after a good couple of Savannas, n went for the movies with my man.. SEX N THE CITY.. finally, been wanting to see the movie for a good while now.. haha got in the cinema finding just couples in the mid 20 haha, fun stuff.. well the movie knockd me, its was so sad, I was feelin her pain, thnk my boy passed out somewhere in the middle like all the boyfriends around ( u could just hear the chicks laugh n cry around me ) well, good movie anyways, I want to be St Louise !  good good good movie bt the evil side of me wantd another ending..

Well freeezzznn like nobodys business, drove home n cuddled up n passed out nicely..

Monday: So far so Bad, damn this flue is killin me.. im sittin in my office hidin from my boss, blogging and waitin for a call from Sweden..

YESSUURRR,, The NEW Castillo bebe is hopefully cumin today.. My brother and his gal Valeska left for the hospital this morning.. YEAYY.. all the best n love to my family!

Well thinkin bout leavin the office n go n check on some friends by lunch bt this country is to cold, the heater in my office is my new love J

Naaaa let me get some work done.. Fundraisiin suks hard, n its borin..

Love love love n no flue my friends!

random pics . .


Me n Ayesha at News Cafe n a pimpd out car by the boys . .


oh happy days. .

State of mind:

 Siriaz, eish have you ever been in that apathy state of mind, when everything not one or two things but everything in your entire day goes wrong? Just to give some examples,

Yesterday: that flue is still haunting me, get to the combi stop the previous combi just left, had to stand and wait in the cold for a good 15 min, have to sit in front with the driver all over my case, get to work no electricity, went to buy breakfast about to pay have lost my money on the way,

I have a visdomstand on the way buggin me, I have the sickest illest biggest homesickness ever seen in this world, have dreamt a bad dream those dreams that get you thinkin all day, well, get to work, the printer is fonkin on me, the copymachine is fonkin on me, the freakin electric kettle is fonkin on me, WHAT THE FONK?

 And this is just before lunch . . what to do, went to the Chinese bought me a Fong kong DVD ( the 28 movies in 1), Eddie Murphys best movies apparently, watched Coming to America for the 1000 time with Chinese subtitles during lunch eatin the freakin street food and got a nice nice tummy ache on dat . .

well feelin a little bit betta after lunch, sat down by the phone with my huge list of ?to call? people, after a good 6-7 people not in their office I gave up, striked for the rest of the day, went bought myself some fruit, and yes as soon as I step outside it starts raining, oh happy days . .

 well back to the office, watch Hollywood Cop 1 and went and did my nails instead, at least that was workin for me ? HOME . .

These type of days when you find yourself starring at the wall feeling very productive . . Get home by 19 and the electricity is off, for the rest of the night actually.. OH HAPPY DAYS!

 Well, hope todays a betta day or ill just strike n go home n watch the entire season 2 of Prison Break again.. at least I know Scofield will make me feel betta 

Haha well naaaa,, good vibes to me !

tunes of the day . .

Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo 

Jr Gong - One loaf of bread
Lupe Fiasco feat Matthew Santos - Fighters

Nas - Getting Married

John Legend - Ordinary People Live

Asha - Eye Adaba

Illstar - Tus Besos

Stephen Marley feat Mos Def - Hey baby

Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop saved my life

Maxwell- Pretty Wings
Slum Village feat Dwele - Call Me

Talib Kweli feat Musiq - Oh My Stars

Aint no Sunshine - Bill Withers

JR - Gata Lenna

Real Magosi - yeee I know but its vibey

Collie Buddz - Blind to you
Buju Banton - Sound Killa
Lil Wayne feat Jay Z - Mr Carter
Knaan - Smile

Listen n Love

list list . .

The May list:

The weather: Cold n very sunny. .

The music:  Slow Jams heavy ones. .

The dreams: New Castillo bebe, boy or girl?

The missing: Nathaly and the bellybebe

The hope:  Health for Valle n bellybebe

The hope2:  Me in Sweden by Midsommar

The hope3: Sponsorship from Sony Ericsson

The struggle: Fundraising for my projects

The hustle: Findin partners for above

The love of today: Antibiotics

The love 2: Mommy in Spain

The word: Xenophobic attacks

The solidarity: For Zims struggling peeps

The movie: Indiana Jones

The book: The Quran

The book2: Dinner with Mugabe

The fundering: Name of bebe?

The fundering 2:  M Jacksons comeback, eish . .

The Mag: Lapologa - ratpack represent

The ass kick: All the rich stingy Indians in Gabs

The track: Illsomnia - Illstar

The surprise: the dub track - illstar freshness

Yessurr...  chaooo . .

weekend in bed . .

This last weeknd of May . .

Well, this weekend eish.. i wasted nada energy at all.. I had the worst halsfluss n flue of the century.. Fun huh? Just me n my John Legend n my new dvds quality time . . so there isn't really to much to tell,  nice thou that I had the house to myself.. all the 104958458349058904 peeps stayin in my house, where out on shows n promotion n stuff.. happy times..  I have kinda nice friends huh, a boy of mine, drove alllll the way out to my place from Tlokweng ( typ Lund - Limhamn) to drop of some oranges from his garden to speed cure my flue, another  brought me movies . . yessuurrrr appreciation

Well what else, I got some worried emails from u at home about the xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg,  im in Botswana,  like 3 hours from Jossy n u have to cross a border n evrythn.. no worries ..

Eish the situation is hectic in Johannesburg, 45.000 internally displaced refugees , almost a 100 killed, thousands injured..   I don't know how much they r coverin this in Sweden, but  it's a very sad situation for the Zimbabwean and Mozambiquan  regugees in South Africa, they r being shipped home and staying in tents, police stations and even the mayor  Park Station hall in Joburg, imagine, u been stayin in Joburg for  18 years, built yourself a decent life, got a job, kids in school, nice house, even citizentship, but jst cuz u come from Zim, they trash evrythn u have, steal everythn u have, burn down yr house, throw u n yr kids out in the middle of the night.. N yr supposed to go back to Zim, a country u havnt seen in 18 years ( true case) , same thing happened to a South African Lady, the issue with her was that she has a son that was half south African and half Tanzanian, a kid that never seen his dad, wonderin why his house was gone and he had to stay in a refugee camp outside joburg? WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

Its scary that these terrorist are doin the same tests to this refugees as the whites where doin to them during apartheid, n what these Zulus don't know, that many famous South African leaders, the same people they look up to  now,  r either Zims or Mocambiquans or stayed there during apartheid.. maannnnn ignorance.. what happened to the African unity n helpin fellow Africans in needs, that's just a bunch of crap in South .. and now they r apparently threatening  Botswana citizens schooling in South . .

Naaaa let me start work, have a nice week eurrbaddeehh . .

Love n Light!