the turn out . .

This is how my nail shoot turnd out ystrdy. . . get free  treatments n manicures in excahange he shoots my nails.. good deal huh.. HOLLA!


Its me n John . . Quality Time. .


Got this one lyk 10 minutes ago.. Listnin to the CD, havnt checkd the DVD out yet..

Gots to love this bwoi . . .

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull . .


Indy my good people..

 Went n saw this movie ystrdy, crazzzzyyy good.. almost like the 3 old ones, almost almost. .

Damn dont miss this one my good people.. Harrison Ford, Shia LeBeouf, Cate Blanchett etc. . .

 Dont miss it! Eish im recomnding everythn im seein these days, We own the night, Iron Man and Step Up 2, i dont know, cool movies but wouldnt pay again to see them.. 1000 BC, Pride, The forbidden Kingdom on the other hand .. eish!

See it !


List of the day. .

The list:

The daycare center 4 bored homies: My office

The Eishhh : Zimbo xenophobia

The meeting : Big Bwoi Lesang

The hustle: Getting a meeting with Dada

The yeessurr : Cumin to work on a Monday finding the boss out all day

The earcandy: John Legend live from Philly

The eyecandy: Me in my new sneaks haha

The sad byebye: Ayesha 2 Sweden

The happy hello: Franco in Joburg

The visits: Sara n Miriam in July

The wish visit: Me to Sweden

The event: Möllevångsfestivalen good people

The event 2 : My Blockparty

The move: Me from Pax?

The hustle 2: To get a flat or house

The food: Pick n Pays mangos

The friend: Khwezi

The movie: The Forbidden Kingdom ( Jet Li, Jackie Chan)

The movie 2: Sex n the City

The movie 3: Coming to America, eddie murphy - forgott how funny this 1 was

The cash flow: Slowly into my bankaccount

The drink: Double Amarulla with crushd Ice

The passion killing conference: Needs Pulas n Thebes . .

The request: Heroes n Dexter

The interview: Lapologa foreign exchange

weekend update. .

Well this weekend was chilld, gettin kinda broke, n have to save up for my Sweden trip, dnt knw whn its happnin but its on the way, would luv to b in Sweden 4 our new Castillo bebe the first weeks of june but eish work, its gettin kinda hectic..

We r releasin 2 artists at the moment so its a lot o promotion shows, interviews n album sellin at the moment, so on satrdy we had a launch at the Zebras Club,, roudy n very traditional music lyk.. eish i left haha..

Well aint to much goin on actually, Uncle Bob problems r jst gettin out of hand, wht says that he is gonna release the second elections results, free elections sure but results? Naaaa.. eish Botwana is settin up refugee camps now along the borders to accomodate all the Zim people cumin in, the South Africans ( havin 3 million Zim refugees) r takin it to the next level, they r killin and torturin all the refugees, just ystrdy 14 Zims were killd in Alexandra ( a township in Johannesburg). The reason being that the Zim r takin jobs n housin ( that the South African still dont want but still), workin for minimum salarys dont give space to the natives to complaint. Eish South Africa is just a very non- rain bowish country .. Shops r closing early, cops n military evrywhr. . eish! Botswana is havin over a million Zimbabweans, discriminated and blamed for that Botswana is gettin more roudy.. eish then still every Motswana have a Zim maid or gardener for a joke to a salary.. yessuurrr...

Eish what else, yee this friend of myn got in a hustle a couple weeks back, eish beaten n raped, the thing that surprised me, well good surprised but still surprised is that the guys is waitin for court nw, he is facin a sentence of minimum 15 years in prison.. MINIMUM bt the fact that he beat her unconcious is gonna put at least 5 - 10 years on the sentence, crazzyyyyyy...  then a couple of others lawyers get 6 months in prison for robbin a bank, and u get 15 years for stealin a cow.. Kind of confusin 4 us in Sweden, whr drugs n fraud n cop killings take our high jail times..

Naa gotta stop thinkin but stuff n get back to work, eish heavy duty..

Luv n light!

oh look!


big ups all my mollvevangsfestival people!

mucho love.. .

my new love...


Bless his fly soul !




Sara :) Have a fabutastic day ma gal :)

oh i imagine..


Swedish Spring Summer feelings, when its kinda chilly bt u feel the heat cumin up... eish best feelin...

Holla to all my Spring/Summer celebraters back home from a kinda chilly Africa . .

Syster yster. .


Workn n hangin with this sister of mine . . BIG UPS AYESHA . .

Big tings n stars cumin out from her work..


May Day n weekend!


Crazzyyy long weekend, it feels lik ive been gone from work for a good couple of weeks now, eish but it still feels like it wasnt long enough.. letttt me tell u guys what me n my people were up to..

Thursday, heavy duty chillin day with Dziki n Ora.. happy days!

Friday. .

My Lunda friend Franco just got a big shot job at the Swedish Trade Council in Joburg for a year, so he decided to come up and visit me for a couple of days. He came with Sowetos finest, Mr Pule..

Me n Oracle actd like hosts alll weekend, drivin here n there, showin this n dat, meetin him n her and the EURRBADDEEHH...

Some food, some ehm drinx and meetin sum good friends at Grampz n we headed for Sponzas place to chill n catch up . . Went to mma Maretes for sum more drinks n we headed to Pax to drop me of. .

Ehmm Saturday..

PULLLAA, damn rain, flushed all our plans away, big road trip day to my Moraka n even to Mahalapye, but nothin nada.. it just rained away, we chilled in Gabs instead, sum Khwest, a little more drinks, a little more drivin, even sum Chibuku at sum Kasi . . Good times, Franco n Pule were already feelin the Gabs vibe J ehm, later on we linkd up with sum more friends at Sponzas, got ready n heavy duty crunkd up n headed for Fashion Lounge...
This is a crazy story or just a small world, i dont know.. Swedish rapper/entrepeneur Ayesha is around, i linkd up with her last week n she n brother Ali hooked up with us on Saturday, well Fashion Lounge n then Lizzard Lounge.. eish eish.. the springboks got me, well back to Sponzaz place n passssss out . .

Sunday, woke up or got woken up by a little Tyrone 1 years old, cute as the world,
BABALAST is the least to say bout it, eish.. Linkd up with all the wounded soldiers from last nite, and all the good soldiers that had a extra nice ending to their nights haha, well nyc lunch n ending of the weekend at grampz n the guys headed back to Jossy again. .

Hectic weekend to say the least but crazy weekend, nyc to see old friends from Sweden, hear things bout back home, n meet new friends and ninjas ...

BIG UPS to all my friends ... Thanks for a crazy nice weekend, drinks, chats and lovin !