its outtt...


Get yours!

yupp yupp...

The list:

What up: Its goiinn dowwnn

The visit : My friend Franco

The visit 2: Me in Lobatse
The track: Hot thing - Talib Kweli

The shout-out: To my errbbaddyy

The drink: Double Amarulla with crushd ice

The drink 2: KWV 10 years with appeltizer

The spot: News Café thursdys

The Nails: Red n Black klaws

The outfit: Stonethrow t-shirt

The lost shoes?: Adidas Stan Smiths , red n white..

The radio: Yarona FM

The friend: u u u u u u u u!

The release: Boloi, Matsosangwao

The project: Passion Killing Conference

The project 2: Gettin payd damnit
The weekend: Lobastse cheaaa!


The lovydovy: My Air Max
The big wish: To have tym to go 2 Sweden
The Big Birthday: Baby Bro 20 years! Yeay!

Gata le nna yooo!

Gata Lennaa yoooo!

Auuwww.... what r friends 4... haha my bwoi Oracle was on the radio just now, and i told him to please request gata lenna 4 me n it was the first track they played! Ohhh sweet friends..

Btw i reaalllyy dont dig that track bt its this track that is stuck in my head rite now, gatttaaa leennna yoooo.. wanna have a dadday dat owna di mine 2 . . haha!

Haha big ups el orakle anyways . . .

What a day, Khwezi just showd up at the office n gave me a well deservd break from work, im writin on the most boring sponsorship letter in the world, but gots to be makin dat bacon haha..

Well, gonna go 4 lunch now, with this swedish chick CeCe that travlin in Bots, from Bastad, im siraz, why is it just skaningar that head 4 this country.. well lunch n rush back to the office to finish the project proposal and the sponsorship letter.. nnnnn theenn finanlly weekend, eish this has been a lonngg week.. i wondr whats up for the weekend, ga ke nna maddy, broke as hell.. n babalast from yesterdy so i think its gonna b a soft weekend..

Gate le nna yoo!

if u havnt seen it yet!



10.000 BC !

Smart man..

Figured it was a little bit toooo good 2 be true huh, Mugabe was like, yea good people have your free election, play all u want but the results.. what? we didnt say anythn about the results.. have the elections.. have them, have fun playn democracy.. oh wait let me just order sum weapons from china in the mean while to control this my way.. Strange thou that his  best friend South African President Thabo Mbeki didnt let the ship dock in South . . image218

Go China . . damn diggity!

Big will . .

William, aka masta graphix hooked my NGO with a flyer, this is the cover . . . Me like!

almost 4gt . .


Cariño malo 4 sure . . .


Haha guess thats me . . Big Up Sara ..

Happy times..

Damn diggity, being trapped in a studio with a bunch of drunk rappers would kind of be a hustle n a half man.. damn...

My brother Boggie, aka Gibo el Talkativo hooked me and two producer friends of mine from Bots up with a couple of beats.. My bro reaally steppd up his game leeett mee teelll uuu.. These beats were crazy good, anyways, i got some of my friends from around to come thru 2 the studio this weekend a record sumn sumn on the tracks.

We got a beat, sounded like phantom of the opera gone hiphop... anyways, by boys Apollo, Stagga, Oracle , Ming and VS did a allstar track, doing this satire of an african, playin around with the picture we in the west have of africa... Illlleesssttt track! My bro is gonna love it . . N waitin on Khwezi, Shorty and Samba 2 lay their stuff n im dunnn... So my dudes here digged the beats so much they wanna do sum sort of a mixtape with my bro.. and if the internet in Bots wud upgrade itself a bit from the 1800 mode its in i would be able to send my bro sum beats my dudes produced here... damn internet...

Well gots to share the beauty of music travlin across borders n continents !

Haha annoddaa funny story, sara im tellin u I shud be writin a book bout the storys n crazy stuff that happens to me on a daily basis, it wud be a best seller im tellin u.. Haha so anyways, i go and do my nails once in a while at this saloon, anyways, the dudes that do my nails are to bigggggg Ugandan men, like the direct connectio to Kunta Kinte or some Nigerian Mandengo dude.. Kind of funny anyways, these guys are 2 funny dudes.. anyways, went there today n got my claws fixd n polishd.. so this guy ask me if i wud like to be in a advert for the saloon.. naaaaaa not really.. until i thought bout it, what is it innit 4 me... Lifetime free nailfixin n trixin.. yess please =) so im gonna do it on Thursday, cant help to think what he gonna do, like this big red fake la Fawduhh ( see napoleon dynamite people) nails or somethin, well i dont care.. He got me at Free nailtretments =) haha..

Well im gonna be like Joey in friends when he found his handtwin.. haha.. love it!

Well sharing is caring.. Now u know . damn im hyped, just got the biggest cup of cofee from my collegue.. Kenyan Coffee kicks coffee countries ass let me tell u  Yea laters people! Im gonna go and hype down a bit =)

The list . .

The list:

The feelin: Restless
The feelin 2: Ga ke batla winter ( i dont want winter)
The funniest april fools joke thru times: Mine on Khwezi
The not so funny april fools: Oracles joke on me.. haha
The weather: Cloudy n gettin colder
The best: 20 in 1 dvd´s from the chinese, gots to love fong kong
The track: Eye Adaba ? Asa
The album: Collie Buddz
The salary: Lost on the way to me?
The love: My brothers
The word of the day: Geronimo!?
The new outfit: Stone Throw Tshirt,
The outfit of the day: New BAPE tshirt
The munchies of the day: Cazuela de Pollo
The food of the day: 12 pula Street food
The food poison of the day: 12 pula Street food ish
The Movie : Pride
 The sell out: ME
The sell out place: American Embassy meeting
The gift: Marvin Gaye ? Live
The site: Facebook will kill me
The addiction: Cellphone, apprently its got a name now
The Series: Heroes v 2 in 1 day
The hustle: Meeting with President
The happy surprise: New Kids on The block Reunion, cheaaaa!
The segaste: Zimbabwe Election damnit..

Brazil - Botswana


Headin 2 the stadium afta work, the Zebras ( nationalteam) want to welcome ian khama today by playin a friendly game with Brazil... N the Gab is gonna b there, as the rest of botswana i guess so i betta b there early..


the big dog . .

Chea,,, welcome President Ian Khama... super hyped day today, President Mogae retired and  passed the  power to Ian Khama, general btw.. as chilean I cant really help to be a bit concered with all those military dudes in the government , but but.. Wish him the best in these 18 months he has to prove himself . .