back agaiinn...

Ok lonnggg timmee since i wrote.. but the headline says, im gonna be writin bout my rock star life in Botswana not Sweden !

Well as most of u guys know, I have been home.. HOME !

Don't rily have to say much bout that, just that ive been HOME..

Möllevångsfestivalen - CASTILLOS - mamas food  - chilling in the Swedish sun - grandmas food - moms new house - Zion n Nathaly -  Perstorp -  Ma girls - the summer Rea - the new music - daddy love - just eaassyy chillin ..

That pretty much how u can describe ma short Sweden visit . Eish it was way to short, no Helsingborg no Crippo, no pildammspark .. well not complainin.. got to kiss my new love , Zion Isaac , goof around with Nathaly , hug ma brothers ,and get spoiled by Mommy .. that's pretty much all I needed n required..

Well back in Botswana, tryin to do my thing.. Workin, Rockin and just Lovin  -

n at work rite nw so this is gonna b a short one..