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Jst checkn if ths works . . Im tryin to blog frm my phone! Gt this mini opera free internet thingy . . I feel all Obamad out rite now, in bed tryin to think n review this day n all i cn think off is OBAMA ! Tday is the day, the day the us inagurated there 44th president . . First president that accordin to me n all the haters around actually has a point . . Frm an early mornin Btv hs been showin live frm Washington n like the unemployd nerd i am i sat down n checkd it out . . Uptil nw! Its 00.38 . . Went to the studio a quicky bt othrwise ths hs been obamas day! As sceptical i am to Us politics i still give a big big up to the guy . . His rhetorical skills r crazy n he cud even gt thru to me . . The Hi Hater :) whilst obama n hes crew had their nyc lunch me n my housemate Candi had tasty left ovas . . Its gonna b my turn one good day! Well, does ths cellphone blog story work out, ill promise to get betta at this updatin business . . Gnite gnite. . Love n light . .


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