Memory Lane..

Oh its cold, so cold so cold . . What happend to the spring, i knew it, it was to good to be true.. I was still sittin in the sun 4 a while but it was pushin ma luck..

Well, the easter holidays have been cool, havnt been i Swe for a good couple of years on easter so i kinda missd the entire yellow festive.

Nice nice prepartys on friday and Kärleksklubben at Babel... Had a blast on Friday, they wr playin the best music n i had the best company .. couldnt have been betta!

Saturday, woke up half babalast half dead n started runnin around Möllan with ma Bro, got a Falafel n finally headed for Perstorp aka Hooden.. Nice to be chillin one on one with ma bro, doesnt happen to often..

Chilled with ma little ones aka Nathaly and Zion, played around and got my ass kicked at Memory by a 3 year old..
gud stuff ;)  tooo much lovin n cozy lovey dovey ;)
Meet so many old old friends n took a  trip down memory lane together.. Like the good old days, ended up at Masses place with sum good old friends got updated on all the pregnancies n latest gossip haha n then ZzZz.. Fell asleep with a nice smile n with a surprise call from Bots.. Lovely!

Easter day i spent with Bro n his family.. wathchin Peter Pan, blowing bubbles, playgrounds and heavy lovin.. Later on Moms house 4 the years first Barbeque n more chill.. eish dis beeing home biznes did good.. came to sum good conclusion n it was great to recharge batteries with family ;) and the old friends dat gave me pointers of how to get the smoke n smell from my appartment ( had a little accident last week haha) and updated my urban legends :)

Well.. ma easters was perfect, came back to Malmoe with more good vibes n energy than before..

PERSTORP !!!!! Gotta love it ( once in a while)

aiit.. back to reality.. work work work n no play or the play i have is work to, but more fun work.. n yea im still lookin for a job..


Postat av: Papo

urban legends...

2009-04-17 @ 08:35:09

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