Scanian Mofooss..


So i had 2 report myself 2 the cops ystrdy, i have overstayd like 6 days in Bots, no biggie, they gave me a fine of 20 bucks n then i was of the hook, well almost, unti the big boss came n gave me this lecture bout respecting Botswana law n what what, well i got it n I payd my ehm fine of 20 bucks.. Well the thing i wantd 2 get to was that when the cop was writin my rapport n stuff he askd me what tribe i belongd to.. ehm tribe? well i know im chilean n everythn but tribe?! Wht the funk.. ehm , cudnt really answer, tryd to explain that we dont have the tribe system, but he kept on insitin bout my tribe, wellll so I had to say i belongd to the Scanian tribe, ( Skånsk o stolt ) . . eish n then that officer kept pushin, wanted 2 know eryythn bout my Scanian tribe, do we look differnt, do we speak differnt?

Haha kind off. .  Eish i shud be workn... Laters



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