Heita Ola!

Eish hectic days, doin alotttt at work, runnin around, callin, meetings, u know.. But its fun stuff, bein my own boss over time . .

Rite nw planin a Conference bout Passion Killings / Crimes of Passion which is a big issue in Bots, and a Hip Hop Show or more like a jam with artist from all ova . . Happy times :)

Well the intervarsity games ended, with a big blast . . eish, erybdy made money and had fun . . My friends hosted a show on thursday, Apollo, Oracle, Magosi, Scar, Kboss, Stagga n all those guys ..

What else, gotta start thinkin bout the return soon huh, my returnticket is in 2 weeks, nt really gettin on dat plane am I haha, thinkin end of summer, just for vaccation .. ohh now u know people, im stayin a while, but promise im goin home for vaccation durin the Swedish Summer.. Yeayy! Was checkn sum pics yesterday from last year, DAMN i love swedish summer, nt that i dnt like Bots sun and all but there nothin like happy summerish Swedish people and the parks and the braais at home .. Lovin it !

Well guess ill be cumin home when people r startin 2 cum back, seems like erybdy is out of the country right now, and Sara is headin out on a well deserved vaccation in Thailand ! Yeay! Even more happy times :) wish she was cumin here thoouu...

What else, oh yea, me n my bwoi Kwezi are planin a hiphop documentary about Botswana,  hiphop aint dead it lives in Bots right now  :) More about that later . .

OHOH u know what, Scar is in the judge panel for African Idol, cool huh, travlin all around africa hatin on people.. I could do that to haha, they want him 2 be the bad guy haha, him ? haha noo.. well wish him the best of luck n erythhnn..

Well gotta go, have to knock off n go do my nails haha..

Later people!



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