da list n stuff . .

Well gots 2 sum up this week in a list :
Hi- tech of the week: Land Line and Internet at my spot

Work of the week: Arrangin a hiphop charity show

Surprise of the week: Meeting with Botswanas President

Style of the week: Our new Kalakuta records t-shirts

Style 2 of the week: Rockin the T-shirt with my chucks

Style 3 of the week: My newly plaited hair ? gots to love it

Pain of the week: Les Matforgiftning aka KFC chicken ? neva again!

The Oops of the week: Human Virus is still alive and kickin, my big brother call me a human virus cuz i break all electronic things im around. (Did i tell u I work in an office ? park = exactly)

The Fundering of the week: How do you adress the President and what to wear what to wear ?

The picture of the week: My new framed picture of Nathaly in my office.

The beat of the week: Murder Murdoch ? Promoe

The beat 2 of the week: Step ? Oracle

The friend of the week : My ex roomie Philipp ? straight outta Germany

The Question of the week ? To go to Maftown or to stay in

Question 2 of the week - Why am I a thinker, i shud chill my mind sometimes

The fun of the week ? Planin hip hop documentary with Kwezi 

The Quote of the week ? ?Give me one of urrboddyyy? - Ora

The love of the week- Kalakuta Love 

The love 2 of the week: Thanks and lots of love to Hanna, for 2 years of hard work and tears, paketet for evaaa... Big ups !

The hard working husband of the week: Fikman aka my husband

The hustle of the week: The big Combi Hustle ? in a book store near YOU!

The list ? is startin 2 get boring so i better stop . .


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