album of the year ?!

Album of the Year ?? According to several big hip hop mags n bloggers
this is the top album of the year . . Mr Carter sold 1,005,545 albums on
just the first week of the release. Big up for dat, bt im still nt convinced . .
album of the year, of all the goodie goodie stuff release 2008??!!

My top 5 of 2008:

1. Raphael Sadiq - The Way I see it
2. The Roots - Rising Down
3. Lil Wayne - The Carter 3
4.Chords - Things we do for things
5. Q-tip - The Renaissance

Didnt make it bt still hot: The Game, Lazee, Adam Tensta, Afasi & Filthy, Bun B, Nas,

I look forward to hear, (sum releasd sum in the making).

Black Thought - Masterpiece Theater
J-Live - Then What Happened
Mos Def - The Ecstatic
Redman - Muddy Waters 2
Royce Da 5'9'' - Street Hop
Talib Kweli - Prisoner Of Conscious

Thats that . . .


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